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analysis and strategies

Structuring an effective marketing plan is essential for any company that wants to enter the market. In Italya, we believe that planning marketing strategies in the short, medium or long term, according to a careful and specific analysis for each customer, is the first step to grow and excel in the reference industry.

Commitment, rules and precision are the axioms of our work, to achieve goals of success and profit. Our marketing strategies are the result of the experience of our managers.

Communication&Brand building

CBuilding your own identity on the market is the most delicate step, but also the one that could revolutionize the style and life of the company. It is for this reason that we work with passion and dedication to combine creativity and concreteness with the brand of our customers. Through a careful analysis of the primary and specific characteristics of each customer, we find the most effective, but above all, original identity, to prevail on the domestic and international markets. Naming, tone, style and design are the essential points for creating an image that remains etched in the minds of users. Communication starts right here!


The packaging represents the first visual impact that the user has with the product. Being able to catch the eye on a shelf full of other competing products is the goal that Italya sets in the conception of “family feeling”. Our graphics team creates the most suitable packaging for each product, considering formaboth the area of belonging and the specific requests of the customer. Overall, the packaging must be clear, original and fascinating, to win over the buyer.

The pack

plays a primary role in the marketing mix and ensures the success of the company's business.

Web design&E-commerce

Our method is the form! In the era of the virtual world, all companies and commercial businesses must have a presence on the web, both for the developing their brand and for the enormous earning opportunities that can be achieved. In Italya we believe that the design and creation of a website that is consistent with company style, is the best way to create a strong identity for your brand. We combine aesthetics and technology to offer the most original and innovative solutions, following a logical thread that combines the company's concept, logo and product. Content and container must present themselves to the web user as a synergistic and intelligent whole, to ensure effective and never predictable communication.

Social media marketing&
Digital intelligence

Social media marketing is today the most powerful communication tool to encourage interaction between the brand and users on the web. Our strength is research: we evaluate and manage the integrated communication of our customers, we expand the visibility of the brand on the various social media channels, generating a virtual community.

Through a careful analysis of the industry, the market and its potential, we choose the social media marketing strategy that best suits the specific needs of the customer, and creatively highlight the reputation of the brand.


Advertising is the best way to spread and create consensus for your brand. With our careful and analytical method of the characteristics of each brand, we aim for specific, shared and creative objectives, which generate visibility and are recognized by the reference market. In advertising, nothing is left to chance. Observation, critical mindset and creative ideas are the strength points of our strategy, to always aim at a specific reference target. Our Media strategy focuses on the design and visual conception of advertising and works to structure serious and well-organized relationships.

Events&Unconventional Show

Showing yourself to the public at your best, is the best way to introduce yourself. Italya helps customers organize and manage events capable of attracting and increasing the attention of specific targets. Furthermore, domestic and international fairs and events give us the opportunity to spread, through effective communication, the projects we have created for partner companies and are a great opportunity to create relationships and weave new business opportunities.

The brand

of our customers remain etched in the mind of consumers


Communication means spreading one's voice around the world. The first step to be seen and heard is to know how to manage relations with the media, in particular, newspapers and institutions. Weaving relationships is the main objective of our work, which allows us to manage the communication of our customers at 360 degrees, launching their products, their initiatives, differentiating them from the competition on the market.

Knowing how to communicate is what gives us substance, doing it in a unique way is what makes us different! Together, we are able to guarantee stable, long-lasting relationships and to positively influence the perception of stakeholders and influencers.

Internationalization 4

Through our internationalization service, we adapt the identity of a brand or business to that of other international markets, aware that different cultures can cooperate and create mutually beneficial exchanges. Our work starts from a feasibility study, penetration and expansion of brands, and with specific and effective strategies to implement a growth process, successfully overcome territorial boundaries. In this context, it is necessary for us to carefully evaluate the state of the art of the company, its potential of production, certifications and documentation useful for a possible international interest. This service stems from our passion and experience for “being Italian”, from our desire to become talent scouts for Italian products, both to bring "Made in Italy" abroad, and to respond to the growing demand for our products in other countries.

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