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Compriamo Italiano, which translates into “We buy Italian products” is a brand and an editorial structure of our property.

It arises from the reflection that Italians have a greater propensity towards the purchase of foreign products.

Over the years our economy has become weak and not very prosperous due to the preference of Italians to buy foreign goods and services at the expense of “Italianness”! Our goal is to bring Italian products back to the center of purchasing decisions, which activates two fundamental mechanisms:

Circularity of goods and consequently of money, through commercial exchanges; networking between businesses and consumers, necessary to act in a “concrete system” of people and to create a network.

We want to enhance “Italian to Italians”, bringing out the values of our production system, leading to well informed purchases and generators of wealth, capable of producing economic and social well-being, widespread for the entire national system.